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Capture your social circle

29 Nov 2023

I keep a social diary and a record of people in my life in Notion. This data goes back as far as January 2021. It is now almost December 2023, meaning I have almost 3 years of social data. A useful amount to start digging into some analysis.

Analysing life trends

23 May 2023

One of the reasons I began journalling and tracking my “vitals” is for analysing trends in my mood and lifestyle. To help achieve this, I capture a summary alongside my journal entries in the form of tags.

Sleep: how it's going

7 Feb 2023

I set a goal for 2023 to improve my sleep. Suitably vague, but one of the steps I implemented in January was simply to track my bedtime. My Garmin watch approximates this but I’ve been annoyed by how inaccurate this often is if I have a lower paced evening. So, I now simply jot that time down to the nearest 5 minutes in my journal.

Master your spending habits

17 Nov 2022

Until fairly recently in my adult life, I’ve been in the fortunate position to not have to worry too much about my spending habits. I would say I’m quite a conservative spender, and this, coupled with a job in tech for the last decade, has served me well.

Bringing your Notion database to life with Eleventy

25 Aug 2022

Notion is an excellent productivity tool, which I use extensively for my daily journalling. Another awesome tool I use as a developer is Eleventy (11ty). 11ty is a static site generator built in Node.js. A static site generator means the building of webpage occurs in a separate process to viewing the website. This has the huge benefit of serving up a load of uncomplicated, plain HTML pages to the end user, really fast.

My Journalling Setup in Notion

11 Jul 2022

I make a habit of journalling daily, and you can read about this practice here. I started this journal in Notion as a way of getting up to speed with the app. I use the Mac app on my laptop and the Android app on my phone. Notion has stood the test of time, 15 months on, so what do I like about it for journalling?