2024 Goals

Posted on: 22 February 2024

It's been a belated setting of goals this year, as we near the end of February. 2024's goals are not dissimilar to last year's in all honesty, and I'm OK with that. Goals are an evolution that don't start and end within a calendar year. So after a relatively successful 2023 on the goal-front, let's get at it in 2024.

Regular strength work

I’ve had an on/off relationship with strength training since building my garage gym and starting the 5x5 workout in the Autumn of 2023. This feels like it's omewhat stabilised recently, and I’d like to build this into a regular routine in 2024.

This may be a continuation of the 5x5 workout, or something lighter and more varied. The core goal (pardon the pun) is to build strength and muscle, reduce my running injury risk and generally be more mobile.

With this, I’d like to spec out my garage a little more too. A bit of tidying, some soft flooring and some more varied equipment would go down a treat.

Run faster and further

2023 was a successful year on the running front. I hit new volume records and ran PBs in most of the major distances. However the year ended as this year started: with injury. As I build my fitness back up, hopefully with a stronger, more resilliant body, I am targeting more PBs and more distance in 2024.

I set an ambitious annual Strava distance goal of 2,500km, and would love to finally take a stab at a sub-40 10k and a sub-90 half marathon. A sub-19 5k would be a bonus.

This was to be the year I got back into marathoning, however due to injury I sadly had to defer my Manchester place to 2025. This likely rules out a marathon attempt in 2024, but you never know.

Embrace cross-training

It’s not good for your body to run 12 months of the year without periods of lower volume and intensity. I’d like to embrace this idea in the summer months by introducing more cycling and swimming into my schedule, and back off my running. This will provide my body with adequate rest and opportunity for adaptation, as well as introducing some variety into my life.

Make some side money

I had a goal in 2023 to start a side business. I did not accomplish this. So this year I’m setting myself a less lofty goal: make some side money. How is less important at this stage, but it must be supplemental money to my main salary. Bonus points if it’s regular.

Build on my site

2022 was a big year for this site. I had momentum and functionality was added swiftly and enthusiastically. 2023 was not a good year for this site. My motivation stagnated and I failed to add anything of any significance.

I want to change that this year. Helpfully, my list of features in my 2023 goals post is still relevant today, although this will likely evolve over a year of tinkering.

Read more

This goal is almost a cliche at this point, and although I’ve been gradually stepping up my book totals year-on-year, I want to commit to this habit properly. So in 2024, I’d like to read at least 1 fiction book a month. Around that, I will continue to supplement with non-fiction by working through my ongoing reading list.

Foster my kids physical exploration

My son learned to ride a bike last year. He loves going out on it, and I love taking him. My younger daughter wants to keep up on her scooter but can’t, and I think she too will be ready for a bike of some sort this year. I want to foster this joy of cycling in them both.

I’d like to explore other forms of movement with them too. Be it football, gymnastics, skating, or anything else that takes their fancy. Regular physical activity is core to my beliefs and I want to build this in them both from a young age.

Make a plan for project cargo bike

I’d love a cargo bike to get around town, but they’re prohibitively out of my price range at the moment. I want to change that and put a plan or saving goal in place this year to make this a reality in the near future.

Take more regular mental health relationship days

My wife Charlotte and I organised a few alone days while the kids were at nursery. They were great. They have to involve getting out and about, even if it’s just to sit and read and drink good coffee. They were rejuvenating for us as a couple and for our individual mental heath. A chance to catch up and reflect without the hussle of our kids' needs. I’d like to continue this practice, in every other month in 2024.

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