What I spent in 2023

20 Mar 2024

I like to have a handle on my spending. I track pretty meticulously what I spend personally and as a family. I’ve previously talked about how to master your spending habits, where I delved into how I track what I spend, what I spend and how I analyse it.

2024 Goals

22 Feb 2024

It's been a belated setting of goals this year, as we near the end of February. 2024's goals are not dissimilar to last year's in all honesty, and I'm OK with that. Goals are an evolution that don't start and end within a calendar year. So after a relatively successful 2023 on the goal-front, let's get at it in 2024.

Write stuff down

19 Feb 2024

As I approach my fourth year of journalling, and in my third year of consistently blogging again, I had a realisation. You cannot write too much stuff down.

How I slept in 2023

27 Dec 2023

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a vague target: prioritise sleep. After a couple of early check-ins in February and April on my blog, I gradually settled into my new nighttime routine. I stuck with my target of recording my bedtime, attempting with earnest to go to bed earlier.

Capture your social circle

29 Nov 2023

I keep a social diary and a record of people in my life in Notion. This data goes back as far as January 2021. It is now almost December 2023, meaning I have almost 3 years of social data. A useful amount to start digging into some analysis.

The power of routine

23 Nov 2023

What do holidays, illness and work trips have in common? A loss of routine. After almost a week of being ill recently, aside from feeling better again, the thing I craved most was my routine.

The key to side project success

31 Oct 2023

Most start-ups fail. Intuitively, they fail because they run out of money. But what’s the biggest reason for this? The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries, speculates it’s because too many companies build the wrong product for the wrong people. He goes on to extoll the value of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). MVP is the basis for discovering what matters to your audience.

The brilliance of The Bear

10 Oct 2023

I’m a big fan of the Hulu/Disney show The Bear. It’s a food comedy/drama about a dysfunctional sandwich shop in Chicago. To appreciate it, you truly have to embrace the entertaining but ofttimes chaotic and jarring interaction of the characters.