My Journalling Setup in Notion

11 Jul 2022

I make a habit of journalling daily, and you can read about this practice here. I started this journal in Notion as a way of getting up to speed with the app. I use the Mac app on my laptop and the Android app on my phone. Notion has stood the test of time, 15 months on, so what do I like about it for journalling?

CSS Cache Busting in Eleventy

20 Apr 2022

I’m pretty new to 11ty, and I’m figuring things out as I go. One of those things recently was cache busting my CSS. I’m by no means an expert in front-end development, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to add a fingerprint hash to my CSS files to ensure changes are always pulled in by the browser when viewing my site.

My Half Marathon experience

6 Mar 2022

Almost 10 years ago, I ran a marathon. It was an amazing experience. A lot of time passed, during which it's fair to say I fell out of love with running. But the simple joy of Parkrun hooked me back in, and numerous national lockdowns due to the pandemic pushed running back onto my radar properly. But it was seeing my sister complete Brighton Marathon 2021 last September that gave me the push to sign up to my first race in almost a decade.

House projects

3 Feb 2022

You know what it's like when you move into a new home. As you've crawled through the house buying process, your creative juices have been bubbling away with what you're going to do to your new blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. You move in, you get settled, you spruce a few things up, but soon enough, inertia sets in. Maybe this doesn't sound familiar to you, but this is an accurate account of my current situation. Enter, 2022.

Become a confident swimmer

29 Jan 2022

At some point after childhood, early on in my adult life, I realised I'd somehow forgotten how to swim well. I can sufficiently not drown, but if asked to swim up and down a pool, I will quickly tire and lose all remaining confidence in my technique. After saying I wanted to fix this for many years, 2022 is the year I plan to do something about it.

2022 Reading List

23 Jan 2022

I really want to be a person who dedicates time to reading more. Whether that transpires to be via audiobooks, e-books or good old analogue paper, this is the goal for 2022. This is a lofty list, and not something I expect to finish, but one I've compiled over the last 18 months. I hope to add add to as well as cross-off as the year progresses.

2022 Goals

22 Jan 2022

This new blog was born out of a desire to make some tangible, achievable but worthwhile goals for 2022. One thing lead to another, and I ended up attempting a rebuild of my old blog with Eleventy, with a gradual migration of the old content.

Vegetarianism: my account

28 Sept 2016

Today marks 1 year of being vegetarian. "What's the plan now?" I've asked myself for, well, about 11 months. A year of not eating meat was never a goal from the outset; I rather unceremoniously slid into it after watching the eye-opening Cowspiracy documentary. I was raised and have always been surrounded by meat-eaters, and up until a little over a year ago, I hadn't even entertained an alternative lifestyle.