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The brilliance of The Bear

10 Oct 2023

I’m a big fan of the Hulu/Disney show The Bear. It’s a food comedy/drama about a dysfunctional sandwich shop in Chicago. To appreciate it, you truly have to embrace the entertaining but ofttimes chaotic and jarring interaction of the characters.

The thrill of the race

27 Sept 2023

I’ve got the run bug. And it’s a strong one. I dabbled with running back in 2012, when I trained for and ran a marathon, but it felt no more than a bucket list item back then. The training was gruelling, lonely, somewhat aimless, and unsociable. Fast forward 11 years and my relationship with running could not be more different.

To-dos ruin your life

5 Sept 2023

To-dos. I think most people have a love/hate relationship with to-dos. They’re a great way of organising what’s in your mind into a salient list of achievable goals. God help me remembering this stuff if I didn’t write it down.

Crafting the perfect PR

16 Aug 2023

I find myself inside pull requests a lot at work. Whether I’m authoring one myself or reviewing a co-worker’s, I’ve become pretty familiar with the Github PR screen and what makes a good PR review experience. So here’s my top tips to improve your PRs.

2023 goals check-in

12 Jul 2023

I think mid-way annual goal check-ins are a great idea. They’re a moment to reflect and reevaluate your annual goals, and to tweak your targets for the rest of the year. Six months into the year, it’s not uncommon for some goals to reveal themselves to be a little too lofty. Or that a change of heart or direction has changed a goal’s trajectory or level of importance in your life. It’s not a moment for judgement; it’s a useful moment for any required course correction. So without further ado, I’m going to dig into mine.

The disappointment of Black Mirror Season 6

3 Jul 2023

I’ve always loved Black Mirror. In some ways it feels like my perfect mix of a television show. I love the dark storylines and topics it seldom shies away from. I love the dystopian view of technology and its potentially hazardous effects on society. The shock value and quality of the writing. The ingenuity of the twists always leave you feeling like you’ve been through a thrill ride. Black Mirror manages to sow a seed in your brain that slowly percolates into your consciousness long after the episode finishes.

Analysing life trends

23 May 2023

One of the reasons I began journalling and tracking my “vitals” is for analysing trends in my mood and lifestyle. To help achieve this, I capture a summary alongside my journal entries in the form of tags.

Interviewing, but better

3 May 2023

Interviewing has to be one of those universal activities no one enjoys. Whether you’re the interviewer or the interviewee, there’s a shared dread involved with being on show for 30, 60, 90 minutes. I’ve come to learn being on both sides of the fence that an interview is as much an audition for the company as it is for the prospective employee.

When a tweak becomes a refactor

18 Apr 2023

I recently wanted to make a change to the fitness page on my site. To hide football activities from appearing in run data, in my code there is a rudimentary check that rejects any run activities logged on a Monday (when I regularly play football).