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"We've been scrolling back to front", Apple declares

Aug 29, 2011

One of the most notable points Mac users have latched onto when testing out Apple's new OS release, Lion is the fact that Apple have decided we've been scrolling the wrong way all this time. It's an interesting topic of discussion, and one that the majority have taken an opposing position on.

London Riots

Aug 9, 2011

Rioting has gripped the capital of the UK over the past 3 days, seemingly following the shooting of a 29 year old man from Tottenham, London. The spread of violence doesn't appear to be slowing down, and has now spread as far as Birmingham.


Jul 26, 2011

I've never really had what you might call a "long" commute to my place of work. I've had around half a dozen jobs, in some form or another, and the furthest commute I've had has been a combination of a 30-minute walk and 20 minute train ride, when I was down in Southampton. My current commute, since moving to the centre of Brighton at the beginning of this month, now stands at around a 4-minute walk. The shortest, and sweetest yet.

What did you expect from an album review?

Jun 19, 2011

The Vaccines' debut offering, What did you expect from The Vaccines? came a little early on in the year to be dubbed the sound of the summer, but I'd say the London 4-piece's 11-track, 36-minute album is a strong contender for the title. I'm often a little hesitant throwing the world 'pop' around, but I can safely say this is one of the best pop records I've heard this year.

The Great Escape, Brighton

May 15, 2011

The Great Escape festival descended on Brighton this weekend. The festival, now in its 5th year, has grown rapidly and is now considered to be one of the best festivals for new music in Europe. I attended for the first time this year and was thoroughly impressed.


May 4, 2011

I'm fresh from watching Catfish on More4 this evening, a 2010 American Documentary film that follows the relationship between a 24-year old New York photographer and a 19 year old Michigan woman and her family over Facebook. I was intrigued by the trailer for this and knew it'd be the sort of film I would enjoy. There's something about Facebook and the way it's changed the way we live our lives that I find fascinating.

A Weekend of Sporting Achievement

Apr 10, 2011

It was weekend of achievement in the world of sport, on rather opposite ends of the spectrum, with the coveted Grand National on the Saturday and the Brighton Marathon following the day after. It was a weekend of firsts for me too, having made my first bet on a horse and spectating my first marathon. One of the events, however, left a rather bitter taste in my mouth.

Thomas-fox.co.uk V2 Goes Live

Apr 4, 2011

After a rather long time, I've finally finished a stable version of the CMS I've been building for the past 6 months or so. As it turned out, the first website to be built using it was a rather tiny portolio website for my good friend and upcoming artist extraordinaire Thomas Fox, which, whilst clearly and concisely displays Tom's artwork, doesn't show off the strengths and flexibility of the CMS framework.

The iPad

Mar 14, 2011

I was fortunate enough to be given an iPad recently. It's an intriguing device, but one that I wasn't particularly keen about getting my hands on. I've been perfectly happy with my iPhone 4, and saw the iPad as not much more than a bigger iPhone. Despite this, I was certainly not going to turn down the opportunity of owning what has been dubbed a revolutionary device.

The Strokes are back

Mar 6, 2011

The Strokes are back on the scene, five years after releasing their third album First Impressions of Earth. Their new record Angles is out on the 21st of this month. Bizarrely, it will be out a day after in the US. I'm personally quite apprehensive about it - given the two singles I've heard off it. But, as with First Impressions, The Strokes are likely going to mix it up a bit from their previous record. It's definitely going to be one to look out for though.