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Going Vegan - my story

1 Oct 2019

My journey to being vegan was in some respects pretty typical. I dabbled with vegetarianism, dropped it in favour of a flexitarian lifestyle, before diving into veganism and not looking back. My account of my 3-year journey.

Sustainability around the home

2 Sept 2019

I'm a keen believer in living life around the three Rs (Recycle, Re-use, Reduce). Whilst I'm far from perfect, and always looking for other optimisations I can adopt, I've made a number of small changes at home over the past few years to be a more conscientious consumer, and human. Here are 9 things I've adopted into my homelife, and you may be able to too.

What Vegans Eat

16 Aug 2019

What I eat in a day, after an energetic start to the day and a hungry shop for ingredients. I list prices and macros for each meal, as well as tips, improvements and suggested tweaks to some online recipes.

Vegetarianism: my account

28 Sept 2016

Today marks 1 year of being vegetarian. "What's the plan now?" I've asked myself for, well, about 11 months. A year of not eating meat was never a goal from the outset; I rather unceremoniously slid into it after watching the eye-opening Cowspiracy documentary. I was raised and have always been surrounded by meat-eaters, and up until a little over a year ago, I hadn't even entertained an alternative lifestyle.

Package Development in PHP & Laravel

17 Nov 2014

Packages are great. For PHP, Composer has made modularising your code and managing dependencies within your app easy peasy. The topic of this blog post, however, is about what exactly constitutes a package, and where things do and don't belong. I will be talking in the context of the Laravel, as this is what we use at work, but these points should be roughly relatable to any modern framework that utilises Composer.

101 things in 1001 days - the results

7 Sept 2014

Almost 3 years ago, I started my "Day Zero" challenge, or as knew it as, the "101 things in 1001 days" challenge. I hadn't realised, but 1001 days was up over 70 days ago, and I finished on the grand total of 33 tasks complete. Not quite a third of the list.


21 Mar 2013

A suitably ambiguous title I know, but it will become clear soon enough. On a slow evening earlier this week, after a brief perusal of the latest goings-on on Twitter, I found myself on the 37signals website. More specifically, reading their free downloadable "Getting Real" book. Flicking through it, I stumbled upon a brief excerpt from (I assume) a book called The Pragmatic Programmers. This particular page caught my attention the most.