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(Not so) Hidden iPhone Feature

Oct 10, 2010

If, like me, you often find yourself reading an article on your iPhone in bed, it can be a little annoying when you're on your side and the iPhone's accelerometer tries to compensate by changing the orientation and going into horizontal mode. For about 2 months now I've put up with it, assuming it was a feature Apple have chosen to lock down, with Jailbreaking being the only option. And after 5 minutes of Googling, it looked to be so.

Quick Timeline Fix - MySQL Error

Oct 6, 2010

It's taken me far too long to figure this bug out, but I'm pleased to announce I've finally nipped it in the bud. For as long as version 2 of this blog has been in place, the timeline hasn't always worked as it should. To summarise, for those who haven't noticed, clicking on a date in the timeline that should show the blog(s) posted on that day, often came up with "0 entries posted on..." - when clearly the timeline shows otherwise.

Canned Laughter

Oct 5, 2010

I love comedy, it's all I really tune into on TV these days, with the possible exception of True Blood. And after catching up with How I Met Your Mother last night and catching the inexplicable Inbetweeners tonight, there is something that puzzles me when it comes to comedy, especially when comparing shows either side of the Atlantic: why is "canned laughter" so often used?

Object Oriented Programming

Sep 22, 2010

When learning the ins and outs of web design, after learning the obligatory HTML and CSS, the next logical step for most is learning a server-side language; the most popular choice being PHP. PHP opens up the possibilities of what can be acheived on a webpage and often bridges the gap between web design and web development for most.

One Window Web Development

Sep 20, 2010

A quick to post mention Coda, from Panic: 'Shockingly Good Mac Software'. With a company tag-line as confident and self-assured as that, it'd be a shame not to check out this bit of software. In a nutshell, Panic develop web-based software for Macs. The particular bit of software I'm interested in is Coda.

Arcade Fire

Sep 14, 2010

I've never been able to decide how much I like Arcade Fire. After hearing Rebellion (Lies) back in 2005 I bought the album Funeral. Despite enjoying a handful of tracks of it, I never really gelled with the album as a whole. Arcade Fire, in my opinion, have a particular style that I think you either like or you don't; and in that respect, I suppose I'm in the former category.

My iPhone 4

Sep 6, 2010

Two posts within a week with an Apple tag - I'm at risk of being dubbed a fanboy - although it seems I may have already adopted that status. Don't get me wrong though, I love reading comments, whatever the content! I intend to keep this iPhone 4 review succinctly short, as it is late, and because I really can't bare to read (let alone write) reviews that go on and on and on and on and on and on. I digress...

Why Creatives use Macs

Aug 31, 2010

People love to hate on Macs. A lot of 'PC' users have never used a Mac and stubbornly put their foot down because they "just don't get the hype". But the fact cannot be ignored, that in creative industries - print, graphic design and the web (to name but a few), Macs are always preferred.

Facebook has made us flakey

Aug 24, 2010

I've always silently despised the Maybe option when RVSPing to an event on Facebook. Why is it there? It's turning the 'Facebook generation' into a fickle, undependable bunch of people.