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When a tweak becomes a refactor

18 Apr 2023

I recently wanted to make a change to the fitness page on my site. To hide football activities from appearing in run data, in my code there is a rudimentary check that rejects any run activities logged on a Monday (when I regularly play football).

Sync your Letterboxd film data with Google Sheets & Eleventy

1 Mar 2023

I like watching films, and I like keeping track of what I watch. I’ve done this for some years via Letterboxd, a decent little app for accomplishing this task, including reviewing what you watch and keeping a to-watch list.

I wanted to integrate with Letterboxd on my website so I could “own” my reviews in case the service went kaput. That lead me to 2 options: integrate with their API, or consume the personalised XML feed URL they provide.

Bringing your Notion database to life with Eleventy

25 Aug 2022

Notion is an excellent productivity tool, which I use extensively for my daily journalling. Another awesome tool I use as a developer is Eleventy (11ty). 11ty is a static site generator built in Node.js. A static site generator means the building of webpage occurs in a separate process to viewing the website. This has the huge benefit of serving up a load of uncomplicated, plain HTML pages to the end user, really fast.

CSS Cache Busting in Eleventy

20 Apr 2022

I’m pretty new to 11ty, and I’m figuring things out as I go. One of those things recently was cache busting my CSS. I’m by no means an expert in front-end development, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to add a fingerprint hash to my CSS files to ensure changes are always pulled in by the browser when viewing my site.