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Capture your social circle

29 Nov 2023

I keep a social diary and a record of people in my life in Notion. This data goes back as far as January 2021. It is now almost December 2023, meaning I have almost 3 years of social data. A useful amount to start digging into some analysis.

The power of routine

23 Nov 2023

What do holidays, illness and work trips have in common? A loss of routine. After almost a week of being ill recently, aside from feeling better again, the thing I craved most was my routine.

It's time to get cars out of our communities

30 Aug 2021

I've not written about transport previously, but it's a topic close to my heart when it comes to sustainable living. It's something I've felt a growing feeling of guilt about, as well as a nagging disdain for what our car obsession has done to our global and indeed local environment. This post explores alternatives for a better future for our local communities.

Being Vegan On Holiday

14 Oct 2019

A short family holiday to the remote Welsh countryside was a great opportunity to experiment with some vegan cooking for some non-vegans. Finding or cooking good vegan food in a different kitchen can be a challenge, but with good preparation it doesn't have to be a drag.

Going Vegan - my story

1 Oct 2019

My journey to being vegan was in some respects pretty typical. I dabbled with vegetarianism, dropped it in favour of a flexitarian lifestyle, before diving into veganism and not looking back. My account of my 3-year journey.

Vegetarianism: my account

28 Sept 2016

Today marks 1 year of being vegetarian. "What's the plan now?" I've asked myself for, well, about 11 months. A year of not eating meat was never a goal from the outset; I rather unceremoniously slid into it after watching the eye-opening Cowspiracy documentary. I was raised and have always been surrounded by meat-eaters, and up until a little over a year ago, I hadn't even entertained an alternative lifestyle.