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Cousins: explained

Sep 24, 2009

It's always puzzled me what constitutes a second cousin (and in turn, a third, forth, etc.). I've also heard the term "once/twice/three times removed" and never understood what it meant. If you're in the same boat, wonder no more! Following a discussion tonight I think I've now got it, and I will do my best to explain it.

Coding Error or Rise in Popularity?

Sep 22, 2009

I was surprised to see in my website stats that the last 2 days has seen large increases in hits. I have been updating a few things here and there, including the new Comments page so I can't be sure if something isn't quite right in the back-end coding of the site, or whether the site has just seen an increase in visitors over the last few days.

Why you want a DSLR

Sep 19, 2009

The idea for this article has been in my head for a while and I'm finally now putting pen to paper (in a virtual kind of way). So the age old question, why get a DSLR over a compact camera. I'm gonna make this a pretty straight forward argument. 5 points for, 5 points against. Here goes.

Alton Towers

Sep 19, 2009

Just a quick post as I haven't done so since the start of the week. I went to Alton Towers today. Took the old SLR along for the ride. I didn't get many snaps, but this is one of the ones I liked.

Undisclosed Desires - the Muse Magic

Sep 14, 2009

I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to the new Muse album much after hearing the first single off it. Uprising didn’t really do anything for me. It was the Muse we’d come to expect, but it just had no kick to it or anything to make it stand out. Then I heard another song off the album: Undisclosed Desires.

Dustin Diaz Photography

Sep 14, 2009

I’ve been following Dustin Diaz for some months now. He is a part-time freelance photographer, living in San Francisco. He’s prevalent on Flickr and is currently in the midst of his 365-day photography project - one picture a day for a year. If you’re into photography… check this guy out and let him inspire.

♥ Brighton

Sep 12, 2009

I’ve lived in Brighton for the past 3 years whilst studying at the University of Sussex. I’d never been to Brighton before so it was a bit of an adventure when I first moved down to the south coast back in 2006. Three years on and I’ve been convinced of Brighton’s charms.


Sep 8, 2009

I want to post about a band that interested me from the moment I heard this particular song (pronounced my keys, your boyfriend - in case you were wondering). It's one of those songs that I just can't decide if I like or not. Regardless, the band Everything Everything has definitely caught my interest.

An ATV Photoshoot

Sep 5, 2009

For those who don't know what an ATV is, the following picture will probably tell you. It's also known as a quad bike. I had my first real go on one of these today and as it was a bright sunny day I got out my camera and put the lens between me and the vehicle.

(500) Days of Summer

Sep 5, 2009

I’m not a film critic, so I’ll keep it brief. I went to see 500 Days of Summer last night at the cinema. I was intrigued by the description "The romantic comedy for people who don't like romantic comedies". And I was actually pretty impressed by the film. Although it managed to avoid the clichéd predictable plot of your average romantic comedy it was still fairly easy to guess how it would play out. Still, I found it refreshing.