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Crafting the perfect PR

16 Aug 2023

I find myself inside pull requests a lot at work. Whether I’m authoring one myself or reviewing a co-worker’s, I’ve become pretty familiar with the Github PR screen and what makes a good PR review experience. So here’s my top tips to improve your PRs.

London Riots

9 Aug 2011

Rioting has gripped the capital of the UK over the past 3 days, seemingly following the shooting of a 29 year old man from Tottenham, London. The spread of violence doesn't appear to be slowing down, and has now spread as far as Birmingham.

The Glorious Misfits

11 Dec 2009

This show has impressed me. If you haven't watched an episode yet, you've probably seen one of the million trailers E4 put out every week. From the trailers, it's easy to dismiss this show as another chavfest teenage angst, sex-obsessed drama (albeit with a touch more action). With that in mind, I decided to watch anyway. I'm glad I did.