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2023 goals check-in

12 Jul 2023

I think mid-way annual goal check-ins are a great idea. They’re a moment to reflect and reevaluate your annual goals, and to tweak your targets for the rest of the year. Six months into the year, it’s not uncommon for some goals to reveal themselves to be a little too lofty. Or that a change of heart or direction has changed a goal’s trajectory or level of importance in your life. It’s not a moment for judgement; it’s a useful moment for any required course correction. So without further ado, I’m going to dig into mine.

2023 Goals

9 Jan 2023

I enjoy having goals for the year. They act as my guide for the year when I’m feeling a bit lost. Yes they have the power to overwhelm, which is why choosing the right goals off the bat and giving yourself a break is crucial.

2022 Goals

22 Jan 2022

This new blog was born out of a desire to make some tangible, achievable but worthwhile goals for 2022. One thing lead to another, and I ended up attempting a rebuild of my old blog with Eleventy, with a gradual migration of the old content.