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How I slept in 2023

27 Dec 2023

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a vague target: prioritise sleep. After a couple of early check-ins in February and April on my blog, I gradually settled into my new nighttime routine. I stuck with my target of recording my bedtime, attempting with earnest to go to bed earlier.

Sleep: the war wages on

3 Apr 2023

In February I shared how my attempt to improve my sleep was going so far this year. TL;DR: not great. I pondered my hang-ups and set some targets to improve things. Now, at the beginning of April, I'm checking in on the first quarter of the year.

Sleep: how it's going

7 Feb 2023

I set a goal for 2023 to improve my sleep. Suitably vague, but one of the steps I implemented in January was simply to track my bedtime. My Garmin watch approximates this but I’ve been annoyed by how inaccurate this often is if I have a lower paced evening. So, I now simply jot that time down to the nearest 5 minutes in my journal.