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Book Review: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

13 Dec 2022

An eye-opening book, however some of the recommendations and values are a little heavy handed, so I would recommend a healthy dose of self-moderation when reviewing the suggestions. There was definitely enough in here to spark my creativity and realign my compass as to how I live my life, and more pertinently, how I consume.

It's time to get cars out of our communities

30 Aug 2021

I've not written about transport previously, but it's a topic close to my heart when it comes to sustainable living. It's something I've felt a growing feeling of guilt about, as well as a nagging disdain for what our car obsession has done to our global and indeed local environment. This post explores alternatives for a better future for our local communities.

Overnight Oats

11 Nov 2019

Overnight oats are a delicious and really nutritious way to start your day. Prepared in minutes the night before and topped with as much or as little as you want. If you're a cereal & milk person, give this a go for a week and see if it improves your mornings!

Sustainability around the home

2 Sept 2019

I'm a keen believer in living life around the three Rs (Recycle, Re-use, Reduce). Whilst I'm far from perfect, and always looking for other optimisations I can adopt, I've made a number of small changes at home over the past few years to be a more conscientious consumer, and human. Here are 9 things I've adopted into my homelife, and you may be able to too.