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The brilliance of The Bear

10 Oct 2023

I’m a big fan of the Hulu/Disney show The Bear. It’s a food comedy/drama about a dysfunctional sandwich shop in Chicago. To appreciate it, you truly have to embrace the entertaining but ofttimes chaotic and jarring interaction of the characters.

The disappointment of Black Mirror Season 6

3 Jul 2023

I’ve always loved Black Mirror. In some ways it feels like my perfect mix of a television show. I love the dark storylines and topics it seldom shies away from. I love the dystopian view of technology and its potentially hazardous effects on society. The shock value and quality of the writing. The ingenuity of the twists always leave you feeling like you’ve been through a thrill ride. Black Mirror manages to sow a seed in your brain that slowly percolates into your consciousness long after the episode finishes.

The Adventures of Tintin

29 Oct 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has just hit the cinemas in the UK and it's got me all reminiscent of the classic 90s television series that I grew up with, as well as the fantastic comic books by Hergé. I can only hope the new movie lives up to comic books and TV series.

Come Fly with me

15 Feb 2011

I've always loved Little Britain for its daring and unique comedy. I think Matt Lucas and David Walliams are a comedy duo for the 21st century. Off the back of another hit series of Little Britain, Matt and David have brought out Come Fly With Me, a 'Mockumentary' comedy from the BBC, using the same award-winning sketch-driven format of Little Britain.

The Event & Logo Design

31 Oct 2010

It would be quite easy to lump NBC's new show 'The Event' into the fairly standard FBI 'big secret' American format of television show, à la Flash Forward. It may be a little too early to judge how this programme will play out, although similarly to Flash Forward, 3 episodes in and it has left me hungry for more.

Canned Laughter

5 Oct 2010

I love comedy, it's all I really tune into on TV these days, with the possible exception of True Blood. And after catching up with How I Met Your Mother last night and catching the inexplicable Inbetweeners tonight, there is something that puzzles me when it comes to comedy, especially when comparing shows either side of the Atlantic: why is "canned laughter" so often used?

The Flash Forward that will never be

3 Jun 2010

After just watching the last ever episode of Flash Forward I can't help but feel a little disappointed at its demise. Although apparently it's not a foregone conclusion that this show has received the dreaded axe; for, apparently, ABC has simply 'halted' production of the second series. I've mentioned before, I like this show; and after seeing the finale of the first series, plenty more action is promised if there is to be a second series.

To sum up...

28 May 2010

A Busy schedule and broken Internet at home are poor excuses for not blogging. Time is of the essense, so I'm delivering the briefest, most concise post yet; just as a way to quickly sum up the past week really. Here goes.


16 Mar 2010

This week is the final episode of the forth series of Skins and I wanted to pay a small tribute to it. I find something very refreshing about Skins that keeps me coming back for more. Yes, it's depressing. But it's raw and unique at the same time. It's not afraid to be controversial or shocking and it's not afraid to stand up and be different. The ending of the penultimate episode with Freddy (I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it) came out of nowhere and really showed the strength of Skins and what it has become. The last episode on Thursday is sure to be a corker. Yes, that's right. I said corker.

The Glorious Misfits

11 Dec 2009

This show has impressed me. If you haven't watched an episode yet, you've probably seen one of the million trailers E4 put out every week. From the trailers, it's easy to dismiss this show as another chavfest teenage angst, sex-obsessed drama (albeit with a touch more action). With that in mind, I decided to watch anyway. I'm glad I did.

Flash Forward (+ New Search page)

26 Oct 2009

Flash Forward just keeps getting better and better. Made by the guy who made Lost I hear? Well he must've figured things out since then. Namely, how not to lose the audience's attention with a snails pace storyline. With that said, I love Lost. Ha!

The Excellence of the Peep Show

25 Oct 2009

We're well into the 6th series of the Peep Show now and I wanted to post in recognition of how good this show is. What makes the Peep Show so good, in my opinion, is how consistent it is, series after series. If you've seen and liked an episode, you're guaranteed to like every other episode. And I think it's for this reason why the Peep Show has gathered so many loyal followers. Myself included.