Podcasts listened to in 2022

Page last updated: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

The High Performance Podcast (6 episodes)

  • Frank Lampard: Why I’m stronger from a setback
  • E128 - Jos Buttler: How quiet leadership can conquer the world
  • E126 - Gary Lineker - Biggest mistakes, greatest achievements and the power of being yourself
  • E119 - Lucy Easthope: Advice from an expert on overcoming disaster
  • E104 - Steve Clarke: Playing with the expectation of success and not the fear of failure
  • E102 - Lee Child: hoping for the best but planning for the worst

That Chelsea Pod (12 episodes)

  • Episode 90 “Goodison Ghosts laid to rest”
  • Episode 89 “Chelsea FC: Goals & clean sheets (we hope)”
  • Episode 86 “Wembley Woes Continue”
  • Episode 83 “Wake me up when the league season ends”
  • Episode 82 “Real heartbreak & Ruben Remontada”
  • Episode 79 “Keep Calm & Support Chelsea FC”
  • Episode 78 “King Kai saves the day”
  • Episode 76 “Wembley Woes”
  • Episode 74 “World Champions”
  • “Season so far part 3”
  • Episode 69 “Home Comforts”
  • Episode 68 “Belgian Waffle”

Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal (18 episodes)

  • How I grew from 0 to 500k followers in under 2 years - Sahil Bloom
  • How to design your career for happiness - Samantha Clarke
  • The sure-fire way to be luckier in life - Advice from Psychology Professor Richard Wiseman
  • Lessons from selling Morning Brew for $75 million at 28 - Alex Lieberman
  • Confronting my Productivity Guru - Tiago Forte
  • How to become a digital nomad - Lauren Ravazi
  • The happiness expert making 1 billion people happier - Mo Gawdat
  • Originality, writing and career fulfillment with Brandon Sanderson
  • Life Update: Building my business and writing my new book
  • How to embrace vulnerability, imposter syndrome and self-doubt - Rupy Aujla, The Doctors Kitchen
  • How to find meaning in a digital world - Kharma Medic
  • How to turn your passion into a business without sacrifice - James Hoffmann
  • How and why we play social games - Will Storr
  • How I built a $72m business in 5 years - Julian Hearn founder of Huel
  • How not to die alone - a relationship therapist’s guide
  • How to think like a life coach - Hassan Kubba
  • The UKs Biggest Sex and Relationships Creator on Building Healthy Relationships
  • How productivity ruins your life

Deep Questions with Cal Newport (10 episodes)

  • Ep. 207: A digital minimalism intervention (w/ Jamie Kilstein)
  • Ep 206 - Striving to do less
  • Ep. 205: Why I'm a bad correspondant
  • Ep. 204: Deep Life Principles
  • Ep. 194: The Surprising Math of Doing Less
  • Ep. 193: How do I read more?
  • Ep. 188: The books I read in March 2022
  • Ep. 187: Helping 100k employees work deeper
  • Ep. 182: Cal's business model
  • Ep. 180: CALLS: Four day weeks aren’t enough

The Tim Ferriss Show (10 episodes)

  • #612: Will MacAskill of Effective Altruism Fame — The Value of Longtermism, Tools for Beating Stress and Overwhelm, AI Scenarios, High-Impact Books, and How to Save the World and Be an Agent of Change
  • #601: Jack Kornfield - How to overcome apathy, find beautiful purpose, befriend anger, and make your own damn sandwiches
  • #594: Cal Newport and Tim Ferriss revisit “The Four Hour Workweek”
  • #591: Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine
  • #587: Terry Crews - His Journey to True Power
  • #584: Bo Shao - His path from food rations to managing billions
  • #576: Morgan Housel — The Psychology of Money, Picking the Right Game, and the $6 Million Janitor
  • #577: Hugh Jackman on best decisions, daily routines, the 85% rule, favourite exercises, mind training and much more
  • #568: Cal Newport - The Eternal Pursuit of Craftsmanship
  • #561: Rick Roll — From Alcoholic to Ultra-Endurance Star

Hidden Brain (22 episodes)

  • You 2.0: Befriending your inner voice
  • Reframing Your Reality: Part 2
  • Reframing your reality: Part 1
  • Separating yourself from the pack
  • What we gain from pain
  • A Founding Contradiction
  • Money 2.0: Emotional Currency
  • Money 2.0: Why we bust our budgets
  • Money 2.0: Rewrite Your Money Story
  • The Logic of Rage
  • When Doing Right Feels Wrong
  • How Rude!
  • Healing your heart
  • How to Change the World
  • You Can’t Hit Unsend
  • Putting our assumptions to the test
  • Mind Reading 2.0: Why Conversations Go Wrong
  • Mind Reading 2.0: The Double Standard
  • Mind Reading 2.0
  • Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Joy
  • Changing Behavior, Not Beliefs
  • Choose Carefully

Impact Theory (6 episodes)

  • Do this daily to destroy procrastination & never be lazy again | Tom Bilyeu
  • Stanford Professor teaches you the science of decision making & how to make hard choices easier | Susan Liautaud
  • Listen to this before you waste another year of your life away | Jenna Kutcher
  • Get Control of your Unconscious mind, change your behaviour and master your emotions | Leonard Mlodinow
  • Kill your Excuses, discover your path & live life to the fullest | Rich Roll
  • Web3 explained: Everything you need to know about the next technology revolution

Make Life Work (9 episodes)

  • How does Partricia Manley make life work?
  • How does James Norton make life work?
  • How does Lewis Prescott make life work?
  • How does Carlo Beschi make life work?
  • How does Michelle Hansen make life work?
  • Making Fesshole with Rob Manuel
  • Making Founderpath with Mubs
  • Making Strategic Photography with Shari Muhima
  • Making Dress Circle with Dom Hodgson

The Diary of a CEO (22 episodes)

  • E165: Rory Sutherland: The marketing secrets that Apple & Tesla always use
  • E164: Krept: From rapper to building a £17.5 million baby business!
  • E162: Malcolm Gladwell: Working from home is destroying us
  • E158: Michael Pollan: How to change your mind
  • E157: Brewdog Founder: the untold story of one Britain’s fastest growing companies: James Watt
  • E155: Bear Grylls: Man Vs failure, anxiety and imposter syndrome
  • E154: World leading therapist: 3 simple steps to remove your negative thoughts: Marisa Peer
  • E148: Strava Founder: How I motivated 100 million people to stay active: MIchael Horvath
  • E147: FBI’s Top Hostage Negotiator: The Art Of Negotiating To Get Whatever You Want: Chris Voss
  • E146: Tom Bilyeu: From broke & sleeping on the floor to a $1 billion business
  • E145: Simon Sinek: the number one reason why you're not succeeding
  • E142: Matthew Hussey: The Secret to building a perfect relationship
  • E141: Classpass Founder: Quitting my 9-5 led to a $1 billion business: Payal Kadakia
  • E140: How To Find Ultimate Fulfilment At Work: Marcus Buckingham
  • E134: The Single Biggest Killer Of Relationships: Lewis Howes
  • E133: Karren Brady: How to win at entrepreneurship & love (at the same time)
  • E129: Dr Rangan Chatterjee: 3 steps to “core” happiness
  • E120: How to create the life you’ve always wanted
  • E119: Jay Shetty: The 3 simple things a happy life needs
  • E117: Calm app founder: from $0 to $2 billion by making the world meditate
  • E116: Fearne Cotton: This is how to build confidence and set yourself free
  • E114: How to fix your focus and stop procrastinating

London is Blue (1 episode)

  • #839 | Udinese friendly was… better? Needs to find the goal scoring boots quick

Talks at Google (8 episodes)

  • Ep261 - Richard Wolff | Democracy at Work: Curing Capitalism
  • Ep257 - Peter Kohler & Stefan Leutenegger | The Plastic Tide
  • Ep255 - Richard Wolfson | Nuclear Energy: One environmentalist’s perspective
  • Ep253 - Laura Heck | The science of great relationships
  • Ep252 - Suzie Sheehy | The Matter of Everything: Twelve experiments that changed our world
  • Ep249 - Dan Savage & Esther Perel | Love, Marriage, & Monogamy
  • Ep242 - Dr Sara Mednick | The Power of the Downstate
  • Ep239 - Daniel Amen | The Brain’s Warrier Way

Football Cliches (13 episodes)

  • Heathrow Ultras, the Butcher of Amsterdam & every Premier League pre-season friendly ever
  • Robo-linos, basement boys England and the future stars of Soccer Aid
  • The evolution of goalkeeping celebrations and “the pause before the roar” with Colin McNamara
  • Great Escapes, double guards of honour and the body language of Erik ten Hag
  • Going down in instalments, Eurovision’s “big five” and a stunning football chant discovery
  • A voyage into dreamland, hockey commentary gold & predicting half-time interviews
  • Superman goalkeeping, Gary Neville’s favourite phrases & Brighton’s 25.8 urge-to-shoot record
  • Leyton Orient’s staunch stanchions and how to celebrate like you’ve won the league
  • Maisie Adam on vuvuzelas, greasy burgers and managers ‘doing a Bunty’
  • Lineker does Lampard, staring down the barrel of a win and the definition of “swazz”
  • “What is a half chance?”, sleeping with trophies and penalty shootout celebration etiquette
  • Josh Denzel on fan-hugging etiquette, hapless stadium announcers and Turf Moor trips
  • Sir Keir Starmer on his matchday rituals, the humanity of 5-a-side and ketchup bans

Things Worth Learning (3 episodes)

  • The Joy of Making, with Shawn Jones
  • Street photography and progress over perfection, with Greg Baugues
  • Web3 for Bootstrapping Businesses, with Ian Landsman

Financial Independence Podcast (3 episodes)

  • Financial Independence Europe - Effective Altruism
  • Aime to Invest - from Bankruptcy to FI in 8 years
  • Takeover: Mile High FI - Early Retirement Failures & Successes

Chelsea Fancast (8 episodes)

  • My Chelsea with Kelvin Barker #912
  • “Season review 2021-22” #906
  • “Making History & Reviling it” #900
  • Preview Show #889
  • “Chelsea 1 Rest of the World 0” #883
  • Preview Show #878
  • Preview Show #874
  • My Chelsea with Redders

Chats in the Cupboard (8 episodes)

  • Conferences
  • Ethics
  • Community
  • Career Planning
  • Seniority
  • Changing Jobs
  • Interviewing
  • Burnout

Happy Place (11 episodes)

  • Emma Barnett
  • Bonnie Wright
  • Emma Gannon
  • Ruth Wilson
  • Sophie Morgan
  • Bjorn Natthiko Lindeblaf
  • Jonny Marr
  • Dr Pippa Grange
  • The Happy Pear
  • Freya North
  • Matt Edmondson

No More Mondays (18 episodes)

  • 19: When you run out of motivation
  • 18: Is ilo a bad name?
  • 17: Mental health and going viral
  • 16: Products as marketing & James gets out of debt
  • 15: Your questions answered (Q&A special)
  • 14: Multiple projects vs single focus, what is better?
  • 13: $1k in course pre-sales and new download milestones
  • 12: Our Plans to become TicToc famous
  • 11: Growth, lifetime deals and saying no to clients
  • 10: Time off and building for fun
  • 9: How to stay consistent w/ Arvid Kahl (The Bootstrapped Founder)
  • 8: A good month all round
  • 7: When should you take time off?
  • 6: Updates to ilo and growing Indie Bites
  • 5: Running out of money
  • 4: A $120k MMR one-person business - Brett Williams, Designjoy
  • 3: Closing down a side project
  • 2: We accidently made $2000 sponsor revenue. Now what?!

Not Overthinking (4 episodes)

  • Should we share our personal life on the podcast?
  • Mind Viruses
  • The Pathless Path
  • Pills and paradigm shifts

The Chels (8 episodes)

  • Goodbye, Mike Dean
  • Little Blue Riding Hood
  • Goonlag
  • Ticking the box
  • 3 Star Club
  • Time for a Break
  • Ruthless not Toothless
  • Tickets please!

Delicious Ways to Feel Better (4 episodes)

  • 10 Years of Deliciously Ella
  • How to break up with your phone and have more fun
  • Why sleep is so important to your health
  • Bite-sized: Eating for Energy

Leaders of Engineering (1 episode)

  • Si Jobling

Straight Outta Cobham (1 episode)

  • Can we play you every week?