Films watched in 2022

Jack Reacher, 2012 - ★★★½

Jack Reacher, 2012 - ★★★½ poster

The wife's choice. Had the feeling I'd seen this before and I was proven right. Your quintessential action man blockbuster; a Saturday night film. But not awful, and entertaining. Tom Cruise loves himself, but he's bang on the money in this genre.

Spiderhead, 2022 - ★★★★

Spiderhead, 2022 - ★★★★ poster

I really enjoyed this. Miles Teller can do little wrong in my mind. Yes, the plot was quite simple and could've explored more. And it seemed to conclude quite abruptly. But the concept was as interesting as it was dark in parts.

Prospect, 2018 - ★★★

Prospect, 2018 - ★★★ poster

Weird. Not what I was expecting. Not bad, some interesting characters and plot, but not enough development and backstory for my taste. Pedro Pascal was fun.

The King of Staten Island, 2020 - ★★★★

The King of Staten Island, 2020 - ★★★★ poster

Strange pacing in parts, but a really heartwarming story of camaraderie and growing up. A little long, but an enjoyable flick.

Boiling Point, 2021 - ★★★★½

Boiling Point, 2021 - ★★★★½ poster

A masterpiece. Tense, insightful, poignant. Raw and unrelenting. A melting pot of emotion. Brilliant build up and climax.

The Humans, 2021 - ★★★★

The Humans, 2021 - ★★★★ poster

A really enjoyable, atmospheric drama with real substance. Eery and wonderfully presented, a feeling of grit, grime and dinginess perfectly depicted. A script and cast that fully delivered.

No Time to Die, 2021 - ★★★★

No Time to Die, 2021 - ★★★★ poster

A really enjoyable Bond movie. A different side to an ageing Bond. Vulnerable, with feeling. A good chugging storyline with a great cast and a believable villain.

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