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The thrill of the race

27 Sept 2023

I’ve got the run bug. And it’s a strong one. I dabbled with running back in 2012, when I trained for and ran a marathon, but it felt no more than a bucket list item back then. The training was gruelling, lonely, somewhat aimless, and unsociable. Fast forward 11 years and my relationship with running could not be more different.

Running a 10k race

30 Nov 2022

I ran my first Half Marathon in February this year and loved it. For one reason or another, it’s taken me a while to book my next race, but last month I committed to running Brighton 10k.

My Half Marathon experience

6 Mar 2022

Almost 10 years ago, I ran a marathon. It was an amazing experience. A lot of time passed, during which it's fair to say I fell out of love with running. But the simple joy of Parkrun hooked me back in, and numerous national lockdowns due to the pandemic pushed running back onto my radar properly. But it was seeing my sister complete Brighton Marathon 2021 last September that gave me the push to sign up to my first race in almost a decade.

A message for my legs

8 Feb 2012

Legs. You've been pretty supportive of me so far in my life. You've grown with me, you've held me up when i've needed it, and you've gone the extra mile when it was demanded of you. Now, though, now I really need a big favour.

Running a Marathon

16 Jan 2012

I’m currently in training for the 2012 Brighton Marathon in April (#1 on my 101 list). The purpose of the post is to point out a few of my experiences and thoughts when undertaking this training and how it draws many parallels to most other activities in life. As your PE teacher probably said to you back in secondary school, it’s mind over matter.